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Pleased to meet you

Hello 2018 and welcome to all of our new first year Design and Décor students. The December holidays have been long forgotten as our students are working hard on their new briefs.

In true BHC tradition, we did pause to introduce the fresh new faces (the first year and décor students) to the rest of the college at what we like to refer to as the “orientation party”.

To break the ice and ensure that our new students are comfortable before the big introduction, our first year and décor studio masters present them with a challenge: In groups of no more than 6 learners, teams had to collect recycling materials from various local suppliers in order to make up fashionable head gear for each of the members in the group, using nothing but the items collected. Not only did this give the students an opportunity to get to know each other better; but also get  to know the lovely coffee shops and restaurants our students love to support.

Afterwards, teams had to strike a few predetermined poses for our photo archives (or future black mail material ;)). These poses included criminal’s line-up; ballet lesson; the final moments of a bodybuilding competition and operation to name but a few. The results were hilarious!


1st Years Pose
Our first years showed off some serious modelling skills


Finally, it was time for the big introduction: Each first year and décor student had an opportunity to introduce themselves and show off their special party trick to the rest of the college. We all had a good laugh and could see that they would fit right in with the BHC family.


2nd Years
Everyone had to sport some interesting headgear for the occasion


3rd Years
Our third years was there to support the new students


Our second years did an amazing job at arranging pizzas and drinks in an effort to save up some money towards our end of year dance.


1st Years
First Years enjoying the introductions


If the start of the year is any indication of the excitement that lies ahead, then we are definitely all looking forward to the rest of the year!


1st Years Party
A few of our new students